Memphis Divorce Mediation Lawyer & Family Law

Family Law Mediation is an important part of the divorce and juvenile court process. Attorney Mike Flexsenhar, Jr. can help you all along the way. Having an experienced, dedicated and trained attorney as a part of your team through the process can make a difference in resolving conflicts.

Family Law mediators are neutral parties to your matter. They are there to help you resolve your issues and not to take sides. A neutral, trusted attorney with years of experience and training will help you resolve these issues so the parties can move forward with their family law matter.

Family Law Mediation is especially important in the areas of child support and visitation, alimony, property division and other areas of the divorce and juvenile court process. Mediation is a required part of a contested divorce proceeding in Tennessee. Mike has the years of experience, training and dedication to help guide you through the mediation process successfully.

Memphis Divorce & Family Law Mediation Attorney Mike Flexsenhar

Having Mike on your team through the family law mediation process (and potentially beyond) can help protect your interests and he can handle all of the mediation negotiations. Mike is a highly experienced and trained Rule 31 Family Law Mediator. Learn more at our link to Rule 31 from the Tennessee State Court website.

Parenting Plans in Memphis, TN

Parenting Plans are required for divorcing couples with children and Mike can assist you in completing the required forms and negotiations to settle this portion of the divorce process. Parenting Plans can also be re-negotiated or modified and Mike will help you every step of the way – before, during and after your divorce. Learn about Parenting Plans from the Tennessee State Court website.

The effects of a divorce or other family law matter can be large and long-lasting. Having the experience of Attorney Mike Flexsenhar from the SKF Law Firm  on your side to help resolve your family law issues is an important part of the process. Contact our office to set up an appointment to meet with Mike for your free initial consultation.